A few words from Sensei Brett Wilkinson

A massive well done to everybody who passed their respective grades tonight! Unfortunately its always hard when not everybody passes. And that can be very difficult to take. My advice is to pick yourself up, brush yourself off and believe in yourself. We all make mistakes in life….and that’s how we become better and stronger then before. a massive congratulations to our new dan grades Matthew Watson and Liz Lawson. As I mentioned tonight, Matthew came to us a couple of years ago, unbelievably not full of confidence having trained in karate at another club previously. That club wasn’t right for him in so many ways. But having made the change and working hard for myself and instructors alike, he excelled and produced the standard we all knew he could. Hes turned into a fine young man whom we are proud to have at our clubs. And as for liz…what can i say about her that we all don’t already know. She is absolutely amazing!! 2 month from 72 years young! Simply a incredible lady that oozes inspiration to us all. She is a timeless respected ambassador for our martial art. She has taught me as much over the past 5 years as I’ve ever taught her.