Annual Newsletter for 2013

Welcome to our annual newsletter of 2013. This is where we can inform you of events that have taken place and things to look forward to in 2014.
First lessons back 2014.
Louisa Centre, Stanley- 5th January 2014
Belle Vue, Consett- 6th January 2014
Oxhill Youth centre, Oxhill- 8th January 2014
East Stanley School- 13th January 2014
Dates for your diary 2014
9th March 2014- South Tyneside Open, South Shields.
23rd March 2014- Grading
22nd June 2014- Grading
21st September 2014- Grading
16th November 2014- AMA Northeast Open, Stockton.
21st December 2014- Grading
January 2013- Student of the month
Matthew Watson at Stanley and David and Samantha Oliver for Consett.
February 2013- Student of the month
Benjamin Potts at Stanley and Stewart Thompson at Consett 
March 2013- South Tyneside Open
The club attended this competition for the first time in South Shields. It was a very different to what we are used to as it was mixed styles such as kick boxing, etc. We rose to the challenge and came away with 1 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze medals…. Fantastic result.
March 2013- First S.K.K Grading of the year
We had yet another 100% pass rate with an impressive 25 students grading. Sensei Carl Wilkie was also part of this grading and was awarded his 2nd Dan.
April/May 2013- Student of the month
Daniel McCormick at Stanley and Jake Foster at Consett.
June 2013- Second S.K.K Grading of the year
This saw yet  another record number of students grading.
June 2013- Student of the month
 Hope Tong at Stanley and Alan Crawley at Consett.
July 2013- Student of the month
Hannah Wilkinson at Stanley and Adam Taylor at Consett.
August/September 2013- Student of the month
Tristan Somersall at Stanley and  at Consett
September 2013-  Third S.K.K Grading of the year
This saw a 100% pass rate for the 21 students who graded which was an a very impressive result. This also included Sensei Lesley Reed who passed her Black Belt and officially became part of the S.K.K instructor team
October 2013- Student of the month
Josh Keall at Stanley and Ryan and Zoe Turney at Consett
November 2013- Happy Birthday S.K.K
Shikkari Karate Kai celebrated it’s 20th Birthday this month. Thank you to everyone who is, and still is part of the club. We couldn’t have done it without your support. 
November 2013- AMA Northeast Karate Championships
Well done to all students who competed in the competition at Stockton. This was the first time the club has entered this event and we were very proud to come away with 4 silver and 4 bronze medals.
November 2013- Fraja Ellie Appeal Charity Event
We held a sponsored 7 mile run/walk then a hours long karate lesson in aid of raising money for the Fraja Ellie Appeal. We had amazing support from students and their families which allowed us to raise a whopping £1668.  
November/ December 2013-  Student of the month
Charlotte Hughes at Stanley and Jamie Simpson at Consett.
December 2013- Student of the Year
David and Samantha Oliver were awarded the Student of the year trophy for their outstanding dedication and effort they have put in this year.
December 2013- Final S.K.K Grading of the year.
We had a total of 24 students who took part in the Decemember grading.  Emily Kingshott also passed her Black belt 2nd Dan after re-grading on Wednesday 18th.  A great way to finish the year! 
We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and prosperous 2014!
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