Grading List 18/09/2016

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Please find below the names of students grading on Sunday. The Grading will take place at Oxhill Youth Club with registration at 1.00pm with the grading starting at 1.30pm.
Please bring your licence and required fee on the day.

***9th Kyu***
Sam Smith
Steven Rea
Chloe Chambers
Vikki Lown
Kal-el Lown
Graheme Beales
Tyler Chivers
Connor Chivers

***8th Kyu***
Dom Vitali
Jamiee Lambert
Phillip Lown

***7th Kyu***
Ruby Beales
Jack McCrory
Izaac Gilbert

Ashton Bell

***6th Kyu***
Bethany Bell
Alex Wilary
Joseph Hardman
John Wilkinson

Cameron Corpe

***5th Kyu***
Ryan Elliott
Patrick Lakey

Charlotte Elliott

***4th Kyu***
Chloe Cullen
Keira Hughes
Andrew Murray

Jacob Wall

***3rd Kyu***
Rebecca Tiplady
Grace Macdonald
Finley Macdonald
Jake Nixon

***2nd Kyu***
Daniel McCormick
Amber McCormick
Chris Henson
Kyle Ainsley

***1st Kyu***
Ryan Turney

***2nd Dan***
Liz Lawson

Good Luck guys!!!