Grading list for 22nd June 2014

Please find below the names of the students grading on Sunday 22nd June. The grading will take place at the Louisa Centre, Stanley at 5.30pm. Please arrive at 5.00pm to allow time for registration and warm ups. Please bring your/your child’s licence and required fee on the night.

9th Kyu- Orange belt
Finley Macdonald
Tammy Coleman
Andrew Murray
Nathan Collinson
Conner Arnell
Joseph Penney

8th Kyu- Red belt
Amber McCormick
Sam Birkett

7th Kyu- Yellow belt
Ryan Turney
Daniel McCormick
Charlotte Hughes

6th Kyu- Green belt
Andrew Wilkinson
Darrel Birkett

5th Kyu- Purple belt
Adam Taylor
Hope Tong
Jake Foster

4th Kyu- Purple and white belt
Kyle Ainsley
Hannah Wilkinson

2nd Kyu- Brown and white belt
Azariah Smith

1st Kyu- Brown and 2 white belt
Cameron Smith
Tristan Somersall

We look forward to seeing you all there and wish you good luck!