Please find below the names of the students grading on 20th September. The grading will take place at The Louisa Centre, Stanley, at 3.30pm. Please arrive at 3pm to allow time for registration and warm up. Please bring your/your child’s licence and the required fee on the night.

If you believe you should be grading, or have been told you are and your name is not listed, please inbox or email us.

***9th Kyu- Orange belt***
Charlotte Elliott
Jack Luke
Joseph Hardman
Zoe Morris
John Wilkinson
Adam Burgess
Tyler Sanchez
Lewis Edgar                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Abigail Hodgson


***8th Kyu- Red belt***
Joanna Prockza
Julia Prockza
Layla Nixon
Imogen Mcmenamie
Harley Wilkinson
David Acewicz
Chloe Cullen
Amanda Graves
Rachael Graves
Jessica Hughes
Keira Hughes
Kevin Fenwick
Morgan Dobson

***7th Kyu- Yellow belt***
Suzanne Trowsdale
Thomas Wilkie
Jacob Wall
Luci Li

***6th Kyu- Green belt***
Aydon Dixon
Andrew Murray
Tammy Coleman
Gracie Smith
Anna Harrison
Ruby Jackson

***5th Kyu- Purple belt***
Jake Nixon
Paul Hughes
Chris Henson
Finlay Macdonald
Grace Macdonald
Kacey Thomas
Luca Ionetscu

***4th Kyu- Purple and white belt***
Matai Thomas Walker
Charlotte Hughes

***3rd Kyu- Brown belt***
Yazmine Coates

***2nd Kyu- Brown and white belt***
Darrel Birkett

***1st Kyu- Brown and 2 white belt***
Emily Beales

***3rd Dan***
Craig Brenkley

Good Luck Guys!!!