S.K.K  Karate Kids

Learning karate can be a very technical process and requires a lot of concentration and patience during classes. Sensei Brett Wilkinson has specially structured the ‘Karate kids’ class for new beginners aged 5+. The lesson is designed to provide lessons in karate, etiquette, manners and discipline. At S.K.K we believes incorporating pyhsical games are important not only from as fitness point of view but also as a reward for their hard work. Within the lesson we also teach basic Japanese terminology to the students. Many of the Karate kids then move on to join the more advanced classes and achieve higher grades such as their black belt.
Karate Kids gradings take place every 3-6 months.

S.K.K  Beginners

We always welcome new students, whether you have any other previous martial art experience or are just interested in becoming involved in karate for such reasons being to boost confidence and self esteem, improve physical awareness and fitness, or are just looking into trying something new.


S.K.K  Advanced class


Shikkari Karate Kai has several lessons designed for the more advanced students. These are structured so the best training can be given at all times. The benefits from these classes are improved physical fitness, confidence, self discipline, respect, motivation, in addition to all of above you will also learn self awareness and join a friendly community of other martial art students
We have gradings every 3 months and have a very successful pass rate. Over the years we have had many students achieve their black belts within S.K.K and go on to further respective Dan grades.