Newsletter for 2011 (Posted – December 2011)

Welcome to our annual newsletter of 2011. This is where we can inform you of events that have taken place within the year and dates that classes will break up for the Christmas period.
Dates for your diary- Last lessons of the year.
East Stanley School- 12th December and returning on 9th January 2012
Louisa Centre, Stanley- 18th December and returning 8th January 2012
Belle Vue, Consett- 19th December and returning on 9th January 2012
The Activity Den, Tanfield Lea- 21st December and returning on 4th January 2012
Please note that 14th and 21st December will be Gradings
February 2011- The N.K.A Karate competition  at Jarrow Community Centre.
We were so proud of all students that took part in the competition and were very impressed with the 24 trophies that the club won in total. Sensei Brett Wilkinson also who won the N.K.A title  for the third time.
March 2011- First S.K.K Grading of the year
This turned out to be the biggest grading to date for S.K.K with an amazing 40 students grading.
April 2011- S.K.K’s 1st Inter Club Charity Competition.
April saw the introduction of the ’Inter Club Competition’ which will be a yearly event in April  and will be re-named going forward  “THE MARC THOMPSON MEMORIAL CUP’’. All money made from the event will be donated to ST Cuthbert’s Hospice.
June 2011- Second S.K.K Grading of the year
This saw yet  another record number of students grading.
September 2011- Leisureworks Sports Awards 2011
Sensei Brett Wilkinson was nominated for the ‘Coach of the year award’ and some of the students from Shikkari Karate Kai preformed a demonstration to the audience.
September 2011-  Third S.K.K Grading of the year
This saw a 100% pass rate which was an amazing result.
November 2011- “Happy 18th Birthday to Shikkari Karate Kai”
We celebrated a successful 18 years of S.K.K which was established by Sensei Brett Wilkinson. Thank you to everyone who has been involved past and present with the club as you are part of the success.
December 2011- Final S.K.K Grading of the year.
We will be holding two gradings this time due to the amount of students ready to grade.
The 1st which will be held on 14th December for white, orange and red belts and the 2nd will be held on 21st December for yellow belts and above.
We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!