Student of the year 2015


Huge congratulations to Alan Cullen who was awarded Student of the year 2015 at Shikkari Karate Kai. His dedication, commitment and constant high standard are a few of the reasons as to what made him stand out.

Also big congratulations to Josh Keall and Abigail Coates who were both runner ups for their achievements and dedication throughout 2015, it was a difficult choice to make as you all have worked so hard.

A few words from Alan on his award…..

“First off I’d like to say what an amazing year it’s been for me personally within the club, to finally achieve my second Dan and have the honour of being named student of the year was an unbelievable and completely unexpected end to it. As well as sharing in the fun and enjoyment that Chloe (my daughter0 gets from karate, this truly has been my best and most satisfying year to date.
I have to thank Rachael Wears to start with, she was the one that gave me the encouragement and push to finally step back into the dojo, sick of my comments about doing karate she quickly pointed out that I didn’t do anymore, I talked about doing, I used to do, and the only way to start saying “I do” again was to get back in and I’m so pleased I did.
It’s hard to single anyone out for special thanks after that because it really has been everyone, from Sensei Brett Wilkinson‘s voice constantly in my head motivating me, and in lessons keeping my standards as high as his own. Sensei Tony Smith also keeping my standards high but giving me insight into teaching in the kids class and Sensei Carl Wilkie giving up his own time to help me learn 4 new katas in time for the grading. But without doubt a mention needs to go to every other karateka in the dojo, whether your stood in front of me ready to train, traveling to Benidorm to fight in the world championships (wow) or taking on board some advice that I’m giving, from one end of the dojo to the other I get motivation and inspiration from you all.
Thank you.
I’ll finish by saying something that I feel about SKK, I stopped training at 18 due to moving away for work, during the first few years I tried more than a few other clubs in the areas I was living. None even came close to the togetherness and friendly atmosphere that we have here, this club is special! When I moved back I would turn up once a year on average and still be met with the same enthusiasm, I felt welcomed even by people that I’d never met or known till that point. Now if you just turn up and train then go home, having enjoyed yourself then that’s great, keep it up. But if you actually open yourself up and embrace the club you’ll get so much more, the term skk family is so true it’s unreal!
So I wish you all a merry Christmas, a happy new year, and can’t wait to see you all again for another year of hard work!


Keep up the hard work in 2016 guys!!!